The main goals of "Journal of Law and Political Studies" are as follows:

The main goal of "Journal of Law and Political Studies" is to provide an intellectual environment for national and international researchers to discuss their latest findings related to law and politics. Therefore, it is hoped that this publication will improve the status of this field in Iran and the world and provide solutions for theoretical and practical issues facing this field. In order to achieve this goal, we encourage researchers to submit their valid and unpublished articles for publication in this journal.

Responding to the objective needs of the Islamic society of Iran in the field of law studies and Islamic policy studies
Introducing the theoretical foundations of the Islamic revolution and responding to legal challenges
Explanation of Shiite Islamic thought in the field of political thought
Efforts to produce native religious political thought
Criticism and investigation of different theories and viewpoints in the field of law and political science
Introduction and criticism of political ideas and currents - contemporary thought with emphasis on the world of Islam

7. Setting the groundwork for conflicting opinions and consensus among researchers in the field of legal-political studies

In line with the general goals of "Journal of Law and Political Science", this journal is ready to accept articles in the following subject areas:

Private law
Civil Rights
property rights
Business Law
Criminal Law and Criminology
Domestic criminal law
Special criminal law
Foreign criminal law
Forensic science
Criminological sciences
public rights
Oil rights
basic rights
Administrative rights
Registration rights
Banking rights
Insurance rights
and other areas related to law
Political movements and uprisings with an emphasis on Islamic countries
Iran's foreign relations, especially with Islamic countries
Islamic government
Political Jurisprudence
Invented issues
Political philosophy
Ethics and politics
Religion and politics
The political thought of famous domestic and foreign thinkers
Islamic revolution of Iran
Political rules and regulations
Criticism of scientific works in the field of political science
and other fields related to political science
Law and Jurisprudence
Theology and Islamic Sciences
Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law
and other fields related to Islamic jurisprudence

In order for researchers and libraries to have better and faster access to the latest research findings in this field, this publication allows free access to its articles to its readers.