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Master of Theology, Jurisprudence and Fundamentals of Islamic Law, University of Qom, Qom, Iran


Background and purpose: In the current research, by examining the theories, procedures and internal banking contracts, as well as by studying the banking laws and regulations and the civil law, we find that these types of contracts, although they are not specified in the civil law, have a legal face and according to Article 190 of the law Civil contracts are concluded and valid, and on the other hand, according to the nature and using the customer's position of weakness when concluding the said contracts, banks impose conditions and obligations on the buyer that distinguish them from other contracts, which are mentioned in the text, the differences It is examined in detail and we also find out at the end that the mention of installment sales contracts in the law of usury-free banking operations should not create the illusion of its monopoly, in other words, the conclusion of such contracts is prohibited in societies outside the banking system if it is not against the propositions of public order and good morals. does not turnResearch method: The current research method is analytical-descriptive of applied type and using laws and regulations and library resources, especially banking laws and regulations.
Findings: The meaning of installment sale is the transfer of the same thing at a known price, otherwise, all or part of the said price is received in equal or unequal installments on the due date or due dates.


Main Subjects

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