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Ph.D. of Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law, Lecturer on registration law of Tolo Mehr Institute of Higher Education, Qom, Iran


The supervisory board located in the General Directorates of Deeds and Real Estate Registration as a dedicated authority for administrative proceedings plays an important role in resolving disputes and registration errors, and during these proceedings, it is in accordance with the provision of "not violating anyone's rights" contained in clauses 4 and 6 of the article 25 of the registration law requires the relevant registration units to certify this condition and in this article, which has been done in a descriptive and analytical way and using the library method, it has been shown that this certificate is one of the examples of the obligation to us due to the conceptual scope and examples of rights and damages, and according to Article 13 of the Comprehensive Demarcation (Cadastre) Law of the country, it was concluded that the legislator in this article, by stating the stipulation "not to violate the rights of the neighbors", intended to express his last will and stated that in the handling of disputes and errors in registration, It should be checked whether by correcting the said mistake or dispute, there will be a disturbance to the rights of the neighbors or not? And in order to meet this condition, solutions such as local inspection of the requested property and its neighbors, checking their registration records, preparing an official declaration with the neighbors and also obtaining a certificate of non-encroachment on the adjacent streets from the relevant municipality can be effective.


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